Field sports are a dynamic part of the Palmetto Bluff lifestyle and have been for generations. Since the turn of the century, sportsmen and women have gathered here to shoot elegant shotguns over the finest pointers, cast lines into its salt and fresh waters, and ride its oak-lined trails on graceful steady mounts. Palmetto Bluff is pleased to announce the second Field + Fire, a celebration of our sporting life heritage.


The Essence of the Sporting Life is Camaraderie.

The Field + Fire weekend features an exciting mix of shooting, fishing, sporting art and sporting dog exhibitions, and, of course, fine Southern cuisine.

Go ahead, pull the trigger – it’s going to be a blast.

This Place We Call Home.

Centered in the heart of the South Carolina Lowcountry, Palmetto Bluff was established as a spectacular hunting retreat for an exclusive few over a century ago. Today, the sporting traditions at Palmetto Bluff are as vibrant as ever, and Field + Fire will celebrate that outdoor history as an integral part of our unique lifestyle. With 20,000 acres and 32 miles of waterfront, Palmetto Bluff is a growing residential community that takes pride in its world class shooting facility, marina, equestrian complex, extensive nature preserves, river access and miles of riding trails.